Larry Zabel Tribute - Art Exposition


Wednesday, Feb. 20
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM


China Lake Museum of Armament and Technology
1 Pearl Harbor Way, Building 500, China Lake, CA 93555
Phone: (760) 939-2916



Event Description:

TFamed cowboy artist Larry Zabel 's paintings will be on exhibit at the grand opening of the Zabel exhibit at the China Lake Museum, Ridgecrest California. The event is free. Those whom might like to attend should call 760-939-2916. he exhibit is a tribute to Zabel who lost his battle to leukemia at age 82. He is a former employee of the Technical Information Department at China Lake and was well thought of in the community.

Just before his death he finished the painting "Naval Aviation Centennial 2011", marking the 100-year celebration of naval aviation. This painting will be on display along with others from the Navy Art Collection, and paintings on loan from local collectors of his work.

The museum owns many paintings that Zabel donated to the over the years. Much of his work was commissions, although he generously donated many works to non profit organizations such as wildlife, medicine, conservation or education. Many of his works earned awards and were displayed in the White House, the U.S.Senate Building, the Smithsonian, the Pentagon and the U.S. Navy's Combat Art Collection.

More information can be had at the web site: or CLMF Facebook page. The exhibit will run for 3 months.

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