Recovering From Religion - Bakersfield Chapter Monthly Gathering


Thursday, May. 16
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM


Dagny's Coffee Company
1600 20th Street, Bakersfield, CA 93301
Phone: 661-634-0806



Event Description:

Recovering From Religion - Bakersfield Chapter is designed to offer a safe place to hang out and discuss all sorts of issues surrounding leaving religion or letting go of your former faith, in a great coffee shop in downtown Bakersfield! Hopefully this will be a good way to connect to others in town that are going through or have gone through the same struggles and difficulties that usually accompany leaving dogmatic or harmful religion behind. 

Religious belief (and the surrounding belief community) usually plays a very big part of most everyone's life, and leaving those beliefs and community behind (or being rejected by that community as a result of no longer believing) can be a very devastating and difficult process to go through. Connecting with others for support is essential in the healing process that needs to happen after years of religious indoctrination and belief-centered social structure.

We will have a monthly gathering at Dagny's Coffee Shop downtown every 3rd Thursday of every month at 6:30PM, usually going until about 8:00PM or 8:30PM, or until Dagny's closes at 9:00PM, depending on how involved we are in the discussions! The meetings will not be formal by any means, but will be loosely based on a short introduction/talk/announcement period at the beginning, followed by the core of the meeting: open group discussion.

There is never any charge for coming to the meetings...they are always free and open to the public, and we encourage you to invite family and/or friends if they are going through their own journey of leaving or having left their religious beliefs behind.

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